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Helping Every Youth (HEY) Magazine – Youth and Young Adult Inspirational Lifestyle Magazine

Helping Every Youth (HEY) Magazine – Youth and Young Adult Inspirational Lifestyle Magazine

Body Blitz – Basics on how to get fit, eat well, and stay healthy


Body Blitz – Basics on how to get fit, eat well, and stay healthy

It amazes me how the body can make transformations based on certain lifestyle changes that people make towards the target of their desires. Though it is not a simple formula, health and wellness can easily be achieved through
dedication and commitment.

I have gone through various transformations in my lifetime, from having a child and going through postpartum weight gain and getting my body back into shape. I have worked very hard to maintain my health as well as push past my limits so that I can achieve health and wellness to the highest degree and well into my senior years.

Here are a few tips I have to share with you while getting started on your journey through these winter months.
First I will start off with Exercise.


If you do not have a gym membership then I suggest you find a gym near you, if a gym membership is too pricey then maybe searching for a community center close by. They usually have subsidized costs (sometimes free) and are almost less than half the price of a commercial gym membership.

Fitness classes are a great start to any fitness routine, it is a group setting and the all around feel of it is amazing because you are not doing it alone. They are usually cardio based and can be lots of fun, so whether you like to dance or just do straight exercise there will always be a class that will fit your needs. You will meet a lot of people who have the same fitness goals as yourself, which alone will help you stay motivated. And of course, you can always bring a friend.

Now I will move on to the nutrition portion.
Healthy eating is one of the most important aspects to maintaining good health. Diet and exercise are so important for overall health and wellness; you cannot do one without the other.

These are 3 main types of food that are essential to you everyday living.


The main function of protein is to build and repair the muscles, tendons and ligaments inside your body. The best and complete sources of protein are animal protein such as chicken, fish and beef, there are also non-meat sources of complete protein which is quinoa, buckwheat, hemp seeds and chia. Beans also provide a good source of protein, however, to make it complete you need to combine them with grains such as wheat, rice and corn.


Carbohydrates also known as “carbs”, are essential for energy and main functions of the body, in the brain and nervous system. It is also the main source of energy for the body while working out. Good sources of carbohydrates are root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, yams, carrots and beets. Leafy vegetables such as kale, cabbage and spinach are also great sources.


Healthy fat is used in your body to protect your organs as well as helping you stay full and satisfied after a meal. It can help to avoid heart disease and boost your blood cholesterol levels. It is even beneficial to your body’s blood sugar and insulin levels. Sources of healthy fat are Avocados, Nuts, seeds, and fish. Olive oil and coconut oil are also great sources of healthy fat.

I hope this information helps you just as well as it has helped me on my journey to healthy living. Don’t forget to incorporate the two aspects I explained above into your lifestyle in order for you to
see optimal results on
your journey.


Sharon Villaruel
Calgary Alberta, Canada

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