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Helping Every Youth (HEY) Magazine – Youth and Young Adult Inspirational Lifestyle Magazine

Eric Thomas: Greatness is Upon You [Mixtape]

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Eric Thomas: Greatness is Upon You [Mixtape]


Eric Thomas (ET), acclaimed international speaker and author of Secret to Success and Greatness is Upon You has dropped his latest mixtape entitled, Greatness is Upon You. Eric already had two mixtapes under his belt, the first was Blueprint to Success, then Heart of Detroit.

If you haven’t heard of Eric Thomas, you probably are familiar with his YouTube videos that have gathered hundreds of millions of views. His electrifying, motivational, and inspirational messages, has been heard of all ages across the US and the World.

The Review:

As with the last mixtapes, Eric and his team used snippets from popular hip hop tracks and blended it with speaking sessions Eric has given. Each track has a unique message that will motivate and push you to think upon each nugget dropped in every track. He got really personal on a few tracks where he admits that he does have trials and struggles and shared a story about his wife having four lesions on her brain. He shared another heartfelt story about his son, and at first listen you may think that he’s bashing his son, but you could hear the extreme love he has for him, and his desire to give not only his son but his family 100% in all he does…and that’s real.

As young people we aught to give 100% to whatever we lay out hands upon. As long as it is good, positive, and ethically moral, go for it.

“Success is never on sale, it’s never on discount”

Why you should download it:

It you’re looking for that extra push, that extra ounce of motivation and inspiration, go ahead and download the mixtape.

You can visit ET’s website at to see more of that he’s all about.

You can download all his mixtapes here, or click on the image below. After you finished listening to at least one, let us know what you thought of it 🙂 .


In the words of Eric “ET” thomas…be phenomenal, or be forgotten

From the team at HEY we love you guys, and we wish you a happy new year.


– Kesean Kenton
Twitter: @KeseanKenton

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