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Helping Every Youth (HEY) Magazine – Youth and Young Adult Inspirational Lifestyle Magazine

H.E.Y. Represents at Good Life Music Concert

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H.E.Y. Represents at Good Life Music Concert

On Friday January 9th at the McVetty Centre also known as Canada Christian College, some of Christian music’s biggest names including D.A T.R.U.T.H, MC Jin, Christon Gray, V-Rose and Toronto’s own hip-hop artist NevaHurd shared their love for Christ through music.


H.E.Y Magazine had the privilege of interviewing some of the artists that performed. One of our most memorable interview was with former Ruff Ryders rapper, MC Jin who gave an emotional account of his journey from being poised to be one of Rap’s biggest names to his fall from grace and his eventual surrender to the will of God.


He shared his maturity as a new father and husband all the while making the entire H.E.Y crew laugh. MC Jin’s bubbly personality made us feel like we were chilling out with an old friend. An old friend, who just happened to be one of the biggest stars on Freestyle Friday, signed with Ruff Ryders and is a world renowned Christian artist.


Another artist who did not disappoint was Christon Gray. His laid back attitude and approachable demeanor made him very accessible, despite his accomplished musical background and undeniable talent. One of the reasons we believe Gray is a true Wave Maker is his unapologetic honesty both in his interviews and in his music. The song “Wanna”, explores the dark but intriguing world of lust for the flesh and material things. The song’s infectious melody almost lulls the listener into thinking this is another sensual RnB song, but hits them with the reality that sometimes what feels good is not always right.


Finally, we had the privilege speaking to V-Rose a young woman that proves you can be cool without being a mindless follower . Her killer style and catchy songs definitely put her on par with some of today’s biggest pop artists. Her upbeat attitude and positive lyrics makes her a rebel amongst her peers. “Am I trending?” contains many thought provoking concepts regarding the pressure that young people, especially women face to be popular and maintain a certain image on social media. V-Rose also touched on the obsession with social media that seems to be an epidemic among youth and adults alike.


Overall the event was a huge success. Some of gospels biggest names came out to showcase their love for God and reach others. What sets Christian artists apart from secular artist is their ability to connect with the crowd through their faith. Pretense is left at the door and honesty and love trumps the superficial.


– Shanichia Daley

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