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Helping Every Youth (HEY) Magazine – Youth and Young Adult Inspirational Lifestyle Magazine

Helping Every Youth (HEY) Magazine – Youth and Young Adult Inspirational Lifestyle Magazine

Poetry/Spoken Word



When you look in the mirror do you like what you see?

Do you like the reflection, and say that looks just like me?

See can you see

Who you must be in the mirror calling yourself

too fat,

too skinny,

too tall,

too short, or ugly

My mirror has only a reflection of me

I try to run as I hear the shot gun

Yes run forest, run forest run

Who am I trying to fool

I’m a beautiful man trapped in a aging body

So to make up for what I lack I go to school

Graduate with honors but my looks get me no honors

Can’t be Sean Connor-y

You see my mirror only shows me

Am I preaching to the choir on this one

Well being you sometimes is no fun

What is your earthly desire?

To be famous or just die another, human nameless

Or pretend to live life like your blameless

To go along the journey of lifes highway to find your not even going

down the right highway

Just another life turned side ways

In the first place

Oh yeah you want a taste

Of wash board abs, and flat stomachs

Willing to do what it takes even attending summits

FYI for your information

I’m feeling overwhelmed by temptation

To binge an purge what I just ate cause I got to look extra hot for my


No way I want to gain more weight

Please and thank you, don’t ask me to eat after eight

I can’t have my boyfriend or girlfriend, leave me

Who me?

This can’t be the reflection I see,

of my naked body looking at me

I hate who I am

Can’t I be a little bit of

Usher, Justin, or Drake

Maybe Beyonce, Fergie, or Ciara

Did God make a mistake?

I hate the colour of my skin I want to be lighter

Come on now, my teeth brighter

My hair too short I need to wear weave

My hair needs waves I believe

I need to follow every fad and trend or I’m going to just stay home

Going outside looking like this without even lifting up a comb.

But God what do you see when you see me?

You seem to be, more concerned witn my inner beauty

Does that mean some one else will too?

You love me for me

I want to love me too

Lord this is who I am, and how you constructed me

I want to improve, but I’m doing it reluctantly

Cause when I look in the mirror

I don’t have all the lips, hips or thighs, I’m not light skin and

surely I don’t have blue and green eyes

There dark brown

I’m always being put down because I’m not good looking enough

So now I feel like slicing

Hopefully the feeling of a slow death will be enticing

No what was I thinking

Blinking and washing my face

How could I think suicide

When there is God’s saving grace?

Grace what’s that you ask

Well I can tell you I’m up to the task

Just take off your mask

Stop hiding

On the holy train to the heart of Jesus were riding

Come with me and forget your fears and inhibitions

The Lord says come as you are

He has no type of look,

status or expectation

He just wants you as you are

Are you willing to love the person you see in the mirror

We can start together…

© Shawn-lee Spencer 2010

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