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Helping Every Youth (HEY) Magazine – Youth and Young Adult Inspirational Lifestyle Magazine

No More Texting…Let’s Talk


No More Texting…Let’s Talk


I know you love your iPhone and Android phones but let’s put it down for a moment. I realize that they are truly great devices. They help keep you in touch with all your friends and family. You can connect to the internet with them and play all these really cool games. There are so many cool things you can do with our mobile devices that after using it over and over again, we start to depend on it for so many things. But, is it taking over our lives so much that it’s making it harder to have a REAL conversation? Hmm, #LetsActuallyTalk to each other about his.

Texts can’t express real emotion

We all text, right? And, some of us text way more than I thought was humanly possible. Though texting is a good way to quickly and conveniently communicate with our friends and family members, let’s not forget to actually talk and physically interact with each other from time to time. In our culture of digital devices, many of us have substituted the human side of communication with the electronic. Here’s important fact; texting cannot show real and complete emotion. You may add a smiley face 🙂 , stick your tongue out :p and even Laugh Out Loud with an LOL, but it still doesn’t come close to what the actual human connection can provide.


WHY do we do this?

I find it so funny that many of us can spend hours text messaging, chatting on Facebook, Snapchat, with each other electronically; but, when it comes to having an actual conversation, many of us find it more difficult. WHY? I’ve heard people say that, “it’s easier to talk to them that way”, “it’s more convenient”, “it’s less embarrassing”. I’ve actually seen people in the same room, even right beside each other, texting one another. WHAT? LOL. WHY?

I found this great clip from Girl Meets World that speaks to exactly what I’m talking about. 

Bored? Here comes the random scroll

Have you ever seen people take out their phones and randomly scrolling through apps like Instagram, close it and jump to another app, like Twitter, and scroll through that a bit. Then, they may randomly go through their contact list, then jump back to Instagram to scroll through that even more. Are we that bored, LOL, or is there something else at play? Are we so addicted to our phones that we are losing our human touch with person to person communication? What can we do to keep the person to person communication alive, I mean like, actually talking to each other and spending time together? This conversation is open, so go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here are a few things we can do to make our person to person connection better.

  • Get together as a group every now and then to just hang out.
  • When you’re out with your friends, try the 30 minute no phone rule. Leave your phones in your bags or pockets for at least 30 minutes. If you can go longer than that you are a champ.
  • If you’re at a restaurant, have everyone put their phones in the middle of the table, and only answer the phone if its an telephone call. Otherwise, tell the person you’ll call them back.
  • How about writing a letter, story, poem, or reading a book and sharing it with a friend.

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– Kesean Kenton (Co-Founder, HEY)
Twitter: @KeseanKenton
Instagram: @KeseanKenton
Facebook: KeseanKenton

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